Saturday, March 15, 2008

Saturday's Meeting

Today, the SRWA had the largest writers' meeting since I rejoined. There were nine of us. We had a short meeting, lunch and then critiquing. I submitted a new beginning for my suspense and they ripped into it. Actually, they gave me some good solid ideas and I can't wait to work on them.

After the meeting, I went to Staple and bought another flash drive, so that Shel can have one. I will give him the one that works without much trouble. I think I have the right one. If necessary, I'll give him my easy-to-work one and I'll fuss with the new one.

I keep looking at the All-in-One Printers. I'm dying to get one. They look like they work great. If I had one, I could get rid of my two printers, give Shel a better one. My new office has gotten kinda' crowded with all the equipment I have on and under the desk.

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