Sunday, March 23, 2008

Saturday and Sunday

The Cambridge Fiction Writers' group met on Friday at the usual time. Since I was just beginning my Vengeance Is Mine again for nth time, I mentioned that I did not want a line to line critique--it was a first draft. I wanted them to be readers and see if what I wrote made sense or if it confused. Doing a line by line doesn't help when you're just writing a scene for the first time. The meeting went well and I came out of it encouraged rather than discouraged. After the meeting we had a pot-luck birthday party for two of the gals who were born in March.

Saturday, I spent a good part of the day helping the neighbors with cleaning out our cellar. There was water-damage and we sent two truck loads to the dump. Our neighbors were fantastic and helped immeasureably. Shel and I couldn't have done it by ourselves.

AND TODAY: I want to tell you that I will be hosting author Patricia Guthrie. who wrote In the Arms of the Enemy, a book about what's often done to horses for the insurance money. I read the book and enjoyed it tremendously. Hope you all like the interview............

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