Monday, March 17, 2008

Just a bit of writing

Today, I'm doing a lot of reading, trying to find the cause of my blocks. I'm reading Book in a Month by Victoria Schmidt. What she's got listed covers every excuse I've ever used for not writing. It all embarrassed me so I wrote a couple of paragraphs--but her book looks good and I think I'll try to follow it--see what I can do in the course of a month.

I want to finish the suspense--or die. At the SRWA meeting on Saturday, it got creamed but the folks there gave me some good ideas. I'm going to use those ideas and the novel has taken another turn. I realize now that I hadn't figured it all out properly. It was okay as a romantic suspense, but it didn't come close to the chiller I wanted it to be. Now, I have a better grip on the book.

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