Monday, March 3, 2008

Hate Mondays

As an author, I hate Mondays. Today, I decided to go directly to the office. I did not pass GO (Curves) because I wanted to get to the first of the month bills. Went right into the office with the hopes of being able to write on one or the other of my novels.

Before anything else, the dogs started barking in the house, so my husband let them out, screaming to me that they wanted to come into the office. In they came. I started with the bills. They have to be paid, although I'd like to throw some of them out. Every time I sat down with the checkbook in hand, the damned phone rang.

I got a call from Sally's daughter about some plans to be made or not.
I got a call from the Membership chairwoman of the Cambridge Historical Society for a breakfast meeting next Tuesday. We have to do a big membership drive.
I got a call from the Treasurer of the SRWA about cancelling the Tuesday meeting because of the weather report--snow, sleet and freezing rain. We cancelled--then I had to send out an email to everyone (I'm the VP of the group.) so they'd know we cancelled--and I also had to call two people in case they don't read their email right away.
I got a call confirming a doctor's appointment later in the week.

I finally got the checks written out, bills paid, sealed, stamped and ready to post, and I'm so frazzled that I don't even feel like writing. I've let the dogs out once already and they're still walking around this small office, driving me crazy............but at least, the husband is able to write in his office. He has nothing else to do.

And people think I make lots of money doing this--trying to write. Hell, no!

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