Thursday, March 6, 2008

An idea blossoms

I finally got a good idea for Vengeance Is Mine. I have been reading book after book for months now without anything clicking in my head, and I finally read a Mira Book that inspired an idea. While my idea is not as extensive as any of the books I've been reading, I have some thoughts. I guess I've been learning for the past few years.

Finally, I feel like I want to write again. I don't know whether I've had writer's block or what. I've always thought the block was in an author's head. Well, it sure has been in mine. It's like being in a wasteland.

Nothing you write sound good even to you. If others read it, it sounds terrible..........worse, it makes you feel like you can't write at all. One of my critique groups has had me down in the dumps, as if not one single sentence of mine should be left unchanged. At this point, my only solution is write what I feel is necessary for my story but not present it to the group. At least, not present it until you've done the first draft.

Of course, my husband's concept of what I should be writing, how I should be writing it and how futile my efforts are is certainly not helping. I guess he believes that he's the only author in the house, and I'm there to do his bidding--change his work into RTF, send it to the publisher in the proper format, print out his pages when he needs to edit or whatever......cook (although he does sometimes), clean, take care of the dogs, the house and the bills--and, best yet, keep my bloody mouth shut, except to answer, "Yes." Right now, I don't intend to share anything I write or do with him. He can be the big author that everyone cheats, ignores and doesn't appreciate.

Boy, I guess I'm in a tizzy--but the time for the end of such moods is coming to a close. I have an idea................I intend to write Vengeance Is Mine as if it's a totally new book and not rely on any rewrites from the old one.

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