Friday, March 14, 2008

Meetings galore

This was the week of meetings. Monday evening, the Cambridge Historical Society met. I'm a board member and had to be there. I got their late, since they had decided at the meeting I missed to start a half hour earlier. They swore they sent me the minutes and didn't really believe me when I said I hadn't received them. But this time, I got the minutes, along with the envelope with the wrong address on it. The wrong address was crossed out and the correct printed with pen. I'll take it to the next meeting.

Tuesday morning at 8:30, the same Society had a breakfast meeting for the Membership Committee to plan for the annual Membership Mixer.

Wednesday was my meeting with Doc R for my annual physical. Got a shot to prevent Shingles, but was told I was otherwise quite healthy. The Doc made sure that I was given two more doctor appointments and one for a mammogram.

Thursday, I had to pick up medicine for little Abbey--at the Vet's. The medicine, a bucket of glucosomine for both dogs and a certain kind of kibble that keeps their teeth clean set me back about $200. Heavens but setters are expensive.

Friday, the Cambridge Fiction Writers met and we worked on three works from 1 p.m. until 5 p.m. I didn't get a chance to have the members read mine, so I'll take it to the Saratoga Romance Writers' meeting on Saturday.

Sunday, I'm going to hide in my office................

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