Sunday, March 2, 2008

Author Moods

Sometimes we can't control how we feel about situations. While I was writing my suspense, Vengeance Is Mine, and having trouble with it, my husband suggested that I might be more comfortable writing my historical sequel. So I started Saratoga Winter 1865 and got to Chapter 3. His next suggestion, since I seemed to be having trouble with the historical, was that I really seemed to like critiquing more than writing. Now, I don't even feel like writing at all...not even on my blogs. I guess it's difficult to have someone so close tell you that you are not succeeding in anything you're writing--even though you know it yourself.

It's funny, my publisher is interested in getting both of the above mentioned books. My writing sells for her. She keeps asking me about them and I'm nowhere near completion on either. It's a bit daunting, having my husband critique my very behavior and three different writing groups critique my pages, until not a word I've written is worth reading.

Actually, I would like to go back to the suspense. I really like to write and will start doing it for myself and myself alone, if that is what is necessary. I guess having two writers in the house is a bit much, so I will work quietly in the background. I am going to start sneaking into my outdoor office and writing on the much for cooperation.

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