Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I think I got my groove on today. I started redoing the characters of Vengeance Is Mine because some folks couldn't tell that Ayden was a woman or a man. Once I got started on that, I found that changing the names of some of the characters helped me get a new slant on the novel. I also found that I had 96 pages already done and am intending to rewrite it all the way I want it. As often happens, I've gotten new ideas and have conquered a problem that bothered me--how did the killer find the person to be murdered. I've got it all now.

I have paid the bills and should be free for the rest of the month. I have fixed two different folders--one for Vengeance and one for Saratoga Winter. I am also reading the book, Book in a Month, which should help me work harder by giving me a method and helping me to outline both stories.

I got another book, Make a Scene. I love to read and every time I read some other author's approach to writing, I not only learn something but I get ideas for my own novels. It's an interesting concept. I know some authors don't read books about writing. I guess they all know more than I do.......but I don't care. I learn something new every day. Now, if I can only apply it to my novels, I'll feel great.

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