Thursday, March 27, 2008

Reading to Learn

Although I've published three historical novels, I still continue to read writing books for the idea they present. Right now, I'm reading a marvelous book, MAKE A SCENE. It's one of the best books I've read on doing scenes. The author's style says many of the things I already know, but he says them in a different way. He provokes my imagination and, because of the book, I have made many notes for scenes in my Vengeance Is Mine. I'm determined to finish that book before going on to the second book of the Saratoga series.

I'm also reading BOOK IN A MONTH, which I mentioned yesterday. The book is interesting and I'm hoping that it spurs me on to write every day--no matter what comes up. I have surely been lacking in drive in the past year. A friend and I will be working the book together, starting on April 1st. We have agreed not to discuss our stories, but merely to consider how much we have put together in a given day or week. We both need to write and do little else.

Despite all the doctor appointments in April, to which I must drive to Bennington, I will write in each and every office. I find that I'm more confortable writing by hand, so once I have a scene started, I will put it on my Alphie and finish it. Then, and only then, will it go on my computer--AND I WILL NOT GO BACK OVER ANYTHING UNTIL THE FIRST DRAFT IS COMPLETED.

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