Monday, February 4, 2008

What a difference a day makes

Yesterday was the day of the Super Bowl. Who can possibly write on a day like that? Not me. I even bet on the game--didn't win, but my team did. I can't even believe that the Giants got to the Super Bowl, much less that they won. I cheered and cheered. Of course, today, I'm hoarse as can be and loving every minute of it.

Plus, my little Abbey is feeling better day by day. She coughed up a hair ball, one Saturday and then again on Sunday. I have never known a dog to do that, but the Vet said it's possible. Nevertheless, she's doing better, jumping up onto the sofa and onto one of the lower beds. She even barked to go out today. I hate her bark because it's so hig-pitched, but today it was a most welcome sound.

I had energy because she's doing better and barking. I started getting my workshop ready for the Saratoga Romance Writers Retreat this coming weekend. Just looking back on articles I've read and some I've written, I learned a bunch of new things...things that spurred my desire to write. I hope I'm getting back into it. It's been a long haul of nothing but a few scenes here or there or some revisions. Not good. I used to enjoy writing so much and want to get back to that old feeling..............................

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