Thursday, February 7, 2008

Lots of work

Today, what with the storm and snow, I spent part of the morning shoveling the deck so the dogs could get out without a lot or trouble. I had to do it again in the afternoon because it was caked with ice. I also shoveled the path to my office, outside the house.

Then, a million and one errands took up most of the morning. I had to run to the Vet to get some more medication for little Abbey, the English Setter. I'm going to a writer's retreat tomorrow and wanted to be sure there was enough medication at home. I even got some Glucosamine Chondroitin for them both. I know it won't repair whatever damage has been done to their bones but maybe it will stay any further deterioration.

I went to the office today and worked myself silly. I printed out 8 copies of the Scene and Sequel Workshop I intend to present at the retreat. I also printed out 8 copies of my first two chapters of Saratoga Winter 1865. Everyone does feedback at the retreat and I'm looking forward to some suggestions on the beginning of the novel. Every little bit helps.............

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