Sunday, February 24, 2008

Took a Hiatus

Didn't bother to write on the blog for a couple of days. I went into thinking mode, grew discouraged and had to berate myself. Sometimes the things Shel says to me cut to the quick. His latest bit of sweetness was so comforting. He thought that I enjoyed critiquing someone else's writing rather than writing my own. He's touted me off the suspense novel, which I am going back to with a vengeance, telling me that I seem to write historical novels so much easier and without a struggle. Frankly, the whole conversational twist had me in a funk, but I'm about to reembark on a new path.

I will write every day, whether I'm working on the suspense or the historical. I will find some time to do the writing, no matter other things come up to get in my way. It's merely a question of deciding to write instead of hanging around, watching TV or reading, which is one of my first loves. If necessary, I will forego all TV, in order to write and will not allow myself to turn the blasted machine on until some writing has occurred on that day.

I don't know which novel I will work on in a given day. Perhaps, I will be able to squeeze both into my schedule. I am going to have to write around meetings that keep getting in the way and all the other sort of CRAP. I will write. It's a promise I'm making to myself.

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