Sunday, February 3, 2008

A quick note

I thought I'd just stop in and see what was going on--not much that I saw. I put an article about Riding Horses in Ireland on my Celtic Musings blog, if anyone wants to see it.

I've been taking care of Abbey. She finally slept through the night, didn't pee in the house and seems in better humor. I just want her to get better. It seems that she hasn't had too much of a good life until she got here where we spoil her. We don't know how old she really is because the information we got might not have been correct, but we figure she's about 9 or 10--a senior lady. We will continue to do our best to make the rest of her days, happy and healthy. She's a treasure.

Her brother, Barney, has gotten somewhat protective. If Abbey is outside and wants to come in, he stands there and barks for her, knowing that someone will come. Once we do, he goes off on his own to explore the back yard.

Consequently, I haven't done much writing, but I've made the Chili for the Saratoga Romance Writers' Winter Retreat, which will happen next weekend. I also have to present a short workshop on Scene and Sequel. I will write up and print out the pages that I intend to present, on Monday. I'm looking forward to the days away and doing nothing but something to do with writing.

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