Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Doctor Days

On the days that either my husband or I have doctor appointments, I just don't seem to get much writing done. I did some this morning on the beginning of Vengeance Is Mine. But, it's hard to work on something when the time you get to spend on the writing is broken up by other things.

I'm curious, with this snow storm, if the school will be closed. On days that it is, I seem to get much more work done. I spend a part of the morning shoveling snow off the deck--for the dogs--and then shovel snow off the walk to my outside office, where the big computer sits and waits. Once the shoveling is done, I go to the office and work for a long period of time. The only thing wrong with that office is the fact that I have to come into the house for lunch--or to go to the bathroom. "Mighty inconvenience," I say.

I am anxious to go to the office. There are things I want to get done on each of the novels I'm working on. Each day, I make a list of what needs to be done--and my greatest pleasure is to draw a line through each thing accomplished.

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