Monday, February 25, 2008

Gone to the lists

I've had it with my foolish ways. I am making a list of everything I need to do in the course of a given day. Each day, I will do my household stupid errands in the morning. My writing activities, other than a blog or two, will get done in the afternoon--unless I can get some done in the morning, especially these blogs.

For today, I have seven items on my list. I have done two of them, will do a third within the hour and am writing this blog a bit earlier than planned. I will be able to save the afternoon for some writing exercises--although, I must admit, I snuck in some writing this morning before even getting showered and dressed for the day. I'm cheered up already.

I have some monumental writing to accomplish. I must definitely rewrite pages 9 through 15 of Saratoga Winter 1865. It seems that, in transferring those pages from flash drive to computers, I have lost my original rewrites. It's a pain in the tush, but I guess I'll have to redo them--and hopefully make them better.

Also, I brought two complete chapters (excluding pages 9 through 15) to the SRWA Winter Retreat. The attendees critiqued them all, not the exclusion, and I have those to go over. I also have to work on Vengeance Is Mine, having gotten some good ideas written down. All that should keep me busy for the rest of this week--writing-wise, that is.

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