Monday, February 11, 2008

The Retreat

The Saratoga Romance Writer's Retreat was wonderful. The president, Sally Booth, did her usual fantastic job of putting everything together. Of course, Jennifer Burton made most of the hotel arrangements and they went off smoothly.

Eight members went and it was just the best size group for critiquing, which is what we do most. Those that brought chapters had them critiqued and both days were spent doing so--along with many laughs and fun times.

Stupid me got sick on Saturday night. A bit of flu, but after being sick to my stomach, which I emptied, I managed to make the Sunday meeting. Once I got hom, I put everything away and went right to bed. I stayed there today as well. Regardless, the Retreat was great and I am so glad I went. Tomorrow is the time to get to work and redo all the suggestions made on my chapters.

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