Monday, February 18, 2008

The Days slip by

Days slip by before I realize they are all gone. I had planned to do much over the weekend but did nothing of note.

When I tried working on Saratoga Winter 1865, I wound up rewriting the beginning of the suspense, Vengeance Is Mine. I must be in a learning spurt. I'm reading a lot and that makes me want to try different writing techniques. I feel I can always learn. I must have seen something in what I was reading because I immediately thought of a new way to start the suspense.

It's strange though. When I'm writing the historical, I think about the suspense--but when I'm writing the suspense, I can't concentrate on the historical. I can't figure out which I am more comfortable with and enjoy writing more. I also know that I enjoy working on the big computer, rather than the laptop, but I tend to use the laptop more in the evenings. Transferring things gets to be a problem. At the Retreat I went to, I found that pages 9 through 15 were of the old start. I somehow lost the new revisions and am only now catching up. What a waste of time--yet I thought I had everything done correctly on my Flash drive--but obviously, NOT. Now, I have to rewrite something that had already been revised.

I haven't kept up with my Writer's Village assignments and have to visit there today. I really have been lax.

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