Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Setting the scene

I just wrote the beginning of my Saratoga Winter 1865. I had the entire scene written but didn't have a good setting or intro. I managed to write one this morning and wound up rewriting some of the scene itself. It works so much better now and leads the reader into the novel so that the reader will know where he or she is in the story.

I sat and thought about it for an hour this morning. Something about the beginning just hadn't set well with me. I knew it missed something but what was the question. I was so excited when I came up with the beginning. It's done now and a nice start for the book. I had to remember that this is a historical and needs to set the scene.

I have it on my computer now and on my flash drive. I will put it on the big computer tomorrow and print out six copies for the Retreat, which starts on Friday. I'm even more pleased about the Retreat now that I have a good beginning. Boy--things sure done come easy.

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