Monday, April 14, 2008

Still working

I'm a bit pleased today. Over the weekend, I wrote the first draft of the final scene. Of course, it was in order, but the idea came to me and I thought I'd better get it down before I forgot what I wanted to say. After writing it, I finally put all the things I'd written (in order) into my Alphie and have since transferred them to my computer. I will do the flash drive before I leave the office for the day.

I have the opening scene pretty well done--starting with the antagonist. Chapter 1 will be all the set-up information needed for the protagonist--whose name I decided to keep Ayden, which some folks tell me is just a guy's name. Not so. Scene 1 will contain the first murder, scene 2 might be when she wakes up or I might jump right to the Memorial scene or go to the Lawyer scene. My goodness, such decisions to be made. Maybe I'll write them all and see which I like best...just as long as I go on.

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