Wednesday, April 9, 2008


So far this month, between my husband and myself, we have over six doctor or dentist appoinments. Now, for some reason, I find that excessive. Who can pay all those people in one month, even if you do have insurance.

Tomorrow, we go to Bennington, VT for tooth extractions. I drive, he suffers having his teeth pulled out. While he is in the dentist's chair, I'm going to rush off to Staples and get a bunch of stuff copies.........63 pages worth, done three times. A friend of mine and I intend to use the papers along with the Book in a Month by Victoria Schmidt.

I'm also going through all my 2006 and 2007 Romance Writers Report magazines. I'm taking out the pertinent information and articles and tossing the books. I have no more room in my office. And, of course, anything that keeps me from writing is okay but bad for my system.

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