Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Restarting what I'm supposed to be doing--every day--is a swift pain. I never seem to get ahead of the writing game. Something else to do most often gets in the way. Doctor and dentist appointment seem to be taking up the first week of this month.

I did get a start and slowly wound down to doing just the emails and the blogs--and not ever doing those in any rythmic way. I am now wasting my time going though two years worth of "Romance Writers Report." I am taking out all the craft,market update, agent/editor, and RWR News articles, throwing the magazines away and keeping the good stuff. Will I ever get to read this? That is certainly the question. I'll try. I know I will, but will I get bored and toss it all away--probably.

I did manage to start a scene while waiting in the dentist's office today. I figured out that it was going to be important later on in the novel. This is the first time that I have written in other than a linear fashion, but it seems like fun. As I get an idea for something, I write it down and make a scene--at least, of dialogue--and save it to the computer, via the Alpha Smart. Let's see how this works.


Anonymous said...


Did you know that you can read the RWR online at the RWA site? It's been going on for at least a few months now (I forget when they started the program).

It's in PDF format. I haven't tried downloading to an e-book, but that might be another option.


Dorice said...

Hey Charity,
So glad you stopped by. I wasn't aware that RWR was on the net, but I've decided to let them send me a magaziine. I certainly pay enough for it and get little else from the organization.

I'm quite content with my present publisher and like her style of working. So, I guess, I'm no longer looking for anything from RWA--but some of the articles are good............