Saturday, April 26, 2008

Interesting newsletter

Subject: [CynthiaSterling] Market News for week of April 20, 2008

Lace and Blade is accepting submissions for its second anthology of "elegant, sensual, romantic fantasy, emphasizing sharp verbal repartee as much as sharp pointed weapons, rapier rather than broadsword." Editor Deborah J. Ross is interested in "characters - both men and women - with vibrant personalities, complex, dashing, and very sexy. I'm particularly interested in stories that have magic and action, but in which conflict is resolved not by violence but by insight, creativity, and compassion. I'd love to see "win-win" endings, sense-of-wonder, plot twists and turnabout. Alternate sexuality is welcome; eroticism a definite plus; exotic, non-Western European settings also encouraged. Please read the first volume to see what I'm looking for." The deadline for submissions is August 1, 2008. There are no minimum or maximum lengths, though Ross says longer stories must be "extraordinary." Ross will pay a 2 cents a word advance against royalties. The book will be released Valentine's Day, 2009. Complete guidelines are available at


Plays is a magazine of one-act plays for children and teens. Editor Liz Preston is looking for plays about contemporary topics such as friendships, relationships within peer groups and family and community and school activities. She also welcomes plays about inspirational figures from history, comedies, mysteries, melodramas and skits. The plays must have plenty of action, believable dialogue and a fast pace. Pay is $75 to $250, on acceptance, for all rights. Go to to read sample plays from past issues. Submit your one-act play to Liz Preston, Editor, Plays, P.O. Box 600160, Newton, MA 02460


My friend, Katriena Knights ( did a terrific video for my upcoming book, A Soldier Comes Home. Check it out at

As always, feel free to pass along this newsletter and to encourage others to sign up to receive it. If you reprint or forward the newsletter, all I ask is that I be given credit for it. Anyone can sign up by sending a blank email to

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