Thursday, January 17, 2008

Being a Dunce

Being a total computer dunce is a hard life. It took me hours to find the card I'd written that had my email and password on it. And I keep a file, but the darn card had three different things on it. I have to go through all the different emails, all the different passwords, until I found the right one. Thank God for the friend who told me to keep a record. Anyway, here I am, back at last. I think I'll be using this blog until such time as I can get a new website up, since the old one has been hacked twice.

I would like to catch up with what I'm doing. I have put Vengeance Is Mine aside for a time. It just wasn't going the way I wanted it to go. I love reading suspense but not as sure about writing it, so I have had to fall back in order to go ahead.

What I'm doing now is working on a sequel to Saratoga Summer: 1863, which was about Connor O'Malley, the oldest of the five O'Malley brothers. Saratoga Winter: 1865 is about Egan the youngest brother, who arrived in America with Connor. When Connor went to Saratoga during the course of the Civil War Conscription riots in New York City, Egan stayed in the City. What happens to him is quite a bit different than what happened to Connor, but he, too, manages to get to Saratoga. Egan has a rich, full life and is a "hunk". I will be writing a lot about him in this blog.

Also, Monday evening, I was on an Internet Radio Program, hosted by Phil Harris. The entire experience was delightful, including the host. I also got a chance to hear the voices of many people I've met on the Reader's Station loop. Nikki Leigh, Elena Bowman and Arline Chase, my publisher, were on with me. Two gentlemen stopped by to chat and it was quite lively. I'm anxious to do this again.


Nikki Leigh - Author said...
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Nikki Leigh - Author said...

Good to see you on the blog again. This is the link to listen to the radio show in case someone would like to hear what we had to say and to hear what you really sound like :)

and click on

Date / Time: 1/12/2008

Nikki Leigh

Elena Dorothy Bowman said...

Hi, Dorice!

I'll try again. Just dropping by to say Hello and to wish you much success in your new endeavor. Also wanted to say it was great hearing everyone's voices on Phil Harris' show. I just checked out the link Nikki gave us to hear our voices again and it was great to listen to it again.


Dorice said...

I'm so glad you stopped in and hope you'll be a regular reader and contibutor. I know you have a vast store of knowledge--having read one of your books.
I went to listen to our radio show and was so impressed at how well it went. I've love to do it again and again.