Friday, May 16, 2008

Scene 2

Hurray! I have the second scene of the first chapter done and am already working on the third scene. So, so far, I have the Prologue, which introduces the villain, the first scene of the first chapter which introduces the heroine and a murder. I'm on my way and am feeling great about it. I might even get this damned novel done.

Today, I have a meeting of the Cambridge Fiction Writers, but I won't have anything to present. They've alreaday offered the comments on Chapter 1 Scene 2 and I've revised the scene to make it easier to read. Next week, I'll present Scene 3 for their feedback.

I got some wonderful feedback from one of the gals in the Writers' Village University group called Word Slingers. She gave me some spot-on comments on the first scene in Chapter 1. I revised that and it goes quickly...which is good, for it's the murder scene.

Tomorrow is the Preakness at Pimlico so I probably won't be writing on the blog. Gotta' watch my

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