Monday, May 12, 2008


Finally got a start on the revisions for Chapter 1 Scene 2. I wrote a million scenes before this one and found that not one of them moved the story forward, so I jumped. I tossed those scene in a file and went on to the next one in order. I found I was able to get all the information I needed for the story into the next day.

It was kinda' hilarious when I wrote a cop scene, an EMT scene, an ME scene, talk between the police and the medics and a host of other things--only to find they weren't necessary. All I needed to have in the next scene was the information as to where everyone (on the farm) was on the night of the murder. It's amazing to me how much you have to adjust your scene to the nearest bit of info necessary. I even managed to get a bit of suspense in the next day scene.

Now, I think I'll be able to eliminate the Memorial scene and go on to what's really important. It's like putting together a puzzle........and fun.

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