Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Scene 2

I finally got the second scene of the first chapter done, adding the information the Cambridge Fiction Writers group critique felt I needed to put in. I think it's better now, more understandable.

I also got a critique from one of the Word Slinger's group at Writers' Village University. The feedback for the first scene of Chapter 1 was right-on. The gal mentioned what worked and what didn't, where I had lost the thread of the scene, allowing it to falter and where I had done a good job. It was the first time she had written something so spot-on and I was thrilled. It showed me that she has learned a lot in the years that she's been with the group, is able to express herself vividly and catches all the faults in a given post.

Editing someone's work is a hard thing to do. If it's a friend, you're always afraid you will hurt their feelings and they'll never like you again. BUT, if you're a real friend, you take that chance and edit as truthfully as you can. It might hurt your friend's feeling, but if they're really your friend, they'll understand that you wanted to help them. I have a friend that lives in the Adirondack Mountains. She often critiques my work. Sometimes she makes me cry, but she always tells me why something is good or bad. It treasure her, and every heartfelt bit of feedback.

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