Friday, June 20, 2008

A Wonderful Site

I got this from Nikki Leigh's blog. She's one author who is willing to share whatever information she gets and is a helleva friend to writing and promotion.

I just stumbled on a interesting and helpful resource. I have not had time to study each page, but I had to share this with you. When I start to write a new book, I have many ideas racing through my mind and lots of research details that need to be coordinated. So, I plan much of my book before I start writing. There are plenty of people who bash this approach, but it works very well for me and helps me write at a much quicker pace. Even with plans, I am totally open to the idea of making changes as I write the book. That is all part of the process, but having a definite plan is very helpful when working on a series which will tie parts of the books together. It is also helpful because I write historic novels and I incorporate real events into the stories and being organized helps me ensure that things happen when and where they should :)

This document is called the Novel Notebook and you can download a PDF of Text file. I downloaded the PDF - but will probably download the text file too in case I find things I would like to change or tweak :) Feel free to take a look.

Nikki Leigh

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Nikki Leigh - Author said...

I'm glad you liked the resource. I printed it out last night and need to find time to look at it closer :)

Just a note, when I downloaded it, I could only view 26 of the 48 pages, but when I printed it from the main page - I could view all the pages and printed it out with no problems :)

You're great at sharing interesting and useful info too :)

Nikki Leigh