Saturday, June 14, 2008

In the office

I'm in my outside office and hoping that it doesn't get too hot. I want to work on the feedback I got the last time I presented something to the Cambridge Fiction Writers. I never got a chance to work on it last week and it's killing me to have wasted all that time. I intend to make up for it during this coming week.

I want to have over 100 pages revised and awaiting a final edit. I'm at 61 pages as of today, so the over 100 isn't too much of a burden. I will push myself to do way more.

Yesterday's meeting was good. We did more talking about the craft than we usually do and had only one presenter, whose writing is extra-special good to begin with. She had 16 pages, which kept us busy for a good part of the afternoon and gave us much to talk about regarding writing. I just love that group.

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