Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Still not up to writing much

Due to a severe amount of pain--at times--I haven't been able to do much writing since my two herniated discs have had their way with me. The pain comes in odd minutes. For a long while, I'm just fine and try to do things around the house, Then, quite suddenly, the pain stops me.

I've tried to do some rewriting, which is often easier for me, but even that hasn't been easy to do. I have done a lot of reading and have found some new authors (for me). Barbara Delinsky has become an author I like to read, along with Hunter MOrgan. Right now, I'm reading an older novel of one of my favorites, Nevada Barr. Her FIRESTORM is interesting, although not one of her best.

I've been reading using my Ebookwise Reader. I find it easy to read, especially on these hot days. I can turn off all the lights and just use the backlighting on the device. Even though the reading is great, I can barely wait until I get the cortisone shot in my spine on the 14th. Why do we get all our good ideas when we're unable to really write them down?????

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