Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Bad days in Bedrock

A fact of the day.........The Battle of Bannockburn ended on 24 June 1314. The Scots used an infantry formation called a schiltron - a cluster of soldiers armed with extra long spears rammed into the earth to break enemy cavalry charges. King Robert the Bruce won a resounding victory against the English army despite being outnumbered three to one.

This made me wonder if I should do another Clan Gunn book, taking the grandfather into consideration. I loved him in CLAN GUNN: GEREK. He was able to control all but his own daughters. This book, if I wrote it, wouold predate Gerek by far too many I would have to go to a great-great-grandfather. I don't think I'm up to it.

What I need to do is finish VENGEANCE IS MINE, the suspense. I'm in 85 pages and see so much that I'm missing in it. I'm trying to keep going but sneak peeks at back chapters in order to catch up. That along with my back trouble, trying to pay the bills in our present economy and taking care of everyone takes a bit chunk out of my day.

So far, I've been to the Health Clinic three times. I have had an MRI and have been to the neurosurgeon. I now have an appointment to see another doctor who is going to stick a needle filled with cortisone or some other such nonsense, into my spine. Hopefully that will help the back condition, which is caused mainly by getting older. I guess I'll just have to suffer until the 14th.

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