Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Being LAX

I know I've been very lax in doing my blog every day, but I feel I have a reason. Immediately after having two shots of cortisone in my herniated discs, the very next day, I was involved in a terrible auto accident. Fortunately, it seems that nothing was broken but I now have to get two more MRIs, one on my shoulder, which slammed into the left side of the car, and one on my knee, which got jammed in the procedure.

After doing all that and returning the rental car to Bennington, on Thursday, I'm going to a friend's cottage on a Long Island beach. Sevan gals from the local Red Hat contingent are going. We won't be back until Sunday and I'm looking forward to the trip................there's nothing like lying on the sand, staring at the sky.

I have made a promise to myself that, after the weekend is over, I will get back to my suspense novel--FULL FORCE. I have done little or no writing since I first started have the severe back pains due to the disc problems. I will take my therapy sessions for four weeks and write like a demon. On the 8th, the Cambridge Fiction Writers (CFW) will begin to meet again, and I'll be glad to see them all. But most of all, I'll be glad to restart the novel--or rather--continue where I left off.

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